Global Clinical Trial Support

ClinEdge's highly tailored strategies focus on the site and the patient to increase recruitment, while decreasing enrollment durations. ClinEdge implements proactive engagement plans for hard to identify patient populations and provides sponsor's access to an integrated site network.


A therapeutically diverse network

Our Network represents independently owned research sites across the globe with a proven record of excellence in medical research. We vet all sites in our network to ensure quality in clinical operations, recruitment, and the ability to use a central IRB. Sponsors and CROs connect with our PIs through a single point of contact who handles all study start-up and overall efficiency.

You Discover Treatments, We Find Patients

ClinEdge's highly tailored strategies are customized for each study to the protocol, population and individual sites. This enables us to identify, educate and retain patients for studies by devising comprehensive digital and traditional marketing campaigns; and providing a unique patient travel service to patients and caregivers.


Services for Sponsors & CROs

Remote Monitoring Electronic Source Platform

ClinEdge’s Remote-Based Monitoring Platform utilizes a site electronic source and regulatory system that can be interfaced within a sponsor's clinical trial platform. In addition to being Part 11 compliant, this platform allows for easy access to each site’s source documents, query management, and direct communication between site staff and monitor. This platform will allow for increased study visibility and eliminate paper-based documents.

  • eSource Technology Integration
  • Remote-Based Monitoring
  • Rapid Startup


Designed to enable sites to complete visits virtually using telehealth technology. ClinEdge designs the remote visit workflow and manages training as well as compliance at the site and patient level. Through the incorporation of elements such as monitoring vital signs and transmission of study-related images, ClinEdge is able to enhance current research studies by replacing in-person visits with virtual video visits.

  • Remote Visit Completion
  • Local & Central Support
  • Remote Ratings
  • Safety Visit Assessments

Home Health Care

ClinEdge offers a blend of global Home Health Care services in over 50 countries. ClinEdge manages and centralizes all trial requirements, acting as the one point of contact to completely remove the burden from the Patient and the Research Study Team (CRA, CRC).

  • Direct to Patient Visits
  • Lab & IP Management
  • Rating Scales
  • Communication & Reporting

Virtual Investigator Meeting Platform

ClinEdge’s Virtual IM service offers a unique platform to help maximize human connection and togetherness while geographically apart. The best way to truly understand the offering is to quickly take a walk on the campus.

  • Virtual Campus
  • CRA, Sites & Study Team Onboarding
  • Investigator Meeting Coordination
  • Breakout Sessions & Specialized Meetings

National & Local Outreach Campaigns

ClinEdge leverages the power of advocacy, support groups, physicians and other local organizations in order to drive referrals to participating study sites. Utilizing the resources offered by these groups is an impactful way to engage with patients and caregivers, as patients associate a high level of credibility and trust for the information shared with these organizations.

  • Advocacy Groups
  • Medical facilities & Clinics, Support group leaders
  • Local Community Events

Patient Travel

The challenge of traveling to and from a site is a major barrier to recruitment and retention. By utilizing a study travel support team, sponsors can reduce that burden and provide patients and caregivers with reliable and hassle-free transportation to their study visits.

  • Stipend Management
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Patient Travel Coordination

Rare Disease

Every Patient, Every Rare Disease. The ClinEdge Rare Disease program utilizes defined methods to compassionately engage, partner, and empower rare disease patients and their families. Our global strategies improve the clinical trial process by using the voice of the patient to build and support clinical trial programs, using their own journey and story to increase patient engagement and retention.

  • Patient & Caregiver Profiling
  • Advocacy and Support Group Partnering
  • On-site Clinical Staffing Support
  • Social Listening & Social Media Targeted Advertising

Study Advertising for Sponsors

With experience across most therapeutic areas, we recruit patients using technology, social media and traditional methods to ensure a diversified marketing strategy targeting the right patients, for the right studies.

  • Digital Advertising
  • National Patient Database
  • Traditional Media
  • National and Local Referral Source Outreach
  • Public Relations Strategy

Patient Pre-Screening for Sponsors

ClinEdge's highly trained enrollment center can handle both large and small volume clinical trials with adaptive pricing structures that enable effective pre-screening, appointment reminders and integrated site technology to improve timelines. Our Enrollment Specialists are skilled at navigating complex protocols, addressing patient concerns to support recruitment and engagement.

  • Patient Pre-screening
  • Patient Pre-screening Tools
  • Patient Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Study Protocol Visit Assessments

Site Network

Access a global site network of 1,000+ qualified investigators, geographically located, therapeutically diverse and thoroughly vetted to join the network across Phase l-lV clinical studies

  • Global Site Network
  • Rapid Study Start-up
  • Centralized Quality Assurance & SOPs
  • Thoroughly vetted prior to joining

Study Branding & Websites

Whether it's creating a unique study brand, designing patient materials, or developing a study website, ClinEdge's design team understands how to relate to the patient community through creative, impactful design. We can adapt materials to meet country specific needs on a global scale such as language translations and cultural adaptations.

  • Study Branding
  • Patient & Physician Collateral
  • Study Websites
  • Promo Items

Patient Navigator Services

In some studies, patients may have up to 10 different contacts throughout their study journey adding unneeded stress to the patient experience. How do we reduce the burden on the patient? ClinEdge has developed a centralized point of contact for each patient called a Patient Navigator. The patient navigator is solely focused on building and maintaining a relationship with the patient and caregiver, while ensuring the study deliverables are built through an individualized patient roadmap.

  • Visit Reminders
  • Perform Study Related Screenings
  • Conduct Study Assessments
  • Home Health Care Logistics Management
  • Transportation Booking & Assistance
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Other Remote Services Available Through Telemedicine

Community Clinical Study Services

ClinEdge provides a unique blend of remote, patient-centric, community based clinical trial services that streamlines the clinical trial process and connects participating sites, labs and patients through central communication, education, and training to ensure that patient visits can be conducted virtually, in person, or within the comforts of their home.

  • Remote Monitoring Electronic Source Platform
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Health Care
  • Patient Navigator
  • Virtual Investigator Meeting Service

The ClinEdge Rare Disease program utilizes defined methods to compassionately engage, partner, and empower rare disease patients and their families. Our global strategies improve the clinical trial process by using the voice of the patient to build and support clinical trial programs, using their own journey and story to increase patient engagement and retention.


Why Work With Us?

Comprehensive, customizable, global, end-to-end support with a patient-centric focus

A powerful network of experienced, geographically diverse, independently-owned, reliable research sites

Highly specialized, dynamic & effective, patient-centric, digital & traditional marketing & advertising campaigns

Empathetic patient travel coordinators working closely with patients to enhance patient satisfaction & retention, staying within the parameters of your study budget

Compassionate patient travel coordination that boosts patient satisfaction & retention, within the parameters of your study budget

Global strategies for rare disease communities that advance care, accessibility and awareness of clinical trials


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